September 5, 1997

Artificial Joy Club Festival Updates

Just in Nashville right now and off to St. Louis, MO in the morning.

Updates for the Festivals on September 6 and 7.

September 6/97
Omaha, NE
KDGE Radio Festival
Westfair Amphitheatre
Sugar Ray, The Nixons, Smash Mouth, Artificial Joy Club, Puzzle Gut, Radio Iodine, Soak, & more

September 7/97
Tulsa, OK
Mohawk Park
KMYZ The Edge Presents, 12 pm
Faith No More, Helmet, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Our Lady Peace, Artificial Joy Club, Outhouse & more

September 4, 1997

Update from the Road

Hey there, just thought I’d do some updating today since I’ve kind of slacked off doing stuff on my web site. We’re just on our way to Nashville, TN for a big rock show there tonight. I also updated the gigs page on my site, it has the same stuff as the AJC tour dates page. Other than that the tour is going great, we’re having a good time and meeting as many fans as we can.

August 29, 1997

Update and KTZB Buzz Fest in Houston, TX Line-up

We just got back from a gig in Austin, TX. The guys from Matchbox were out to see us on a night off. We’re flying to Kansas City, MO tomorrow morning for a radio festival show and then flying back to Houston, TX on the morning of the 30th for the KTZB Buzz Fest.

The line-up for the Buzz Fest in Houston, TX is:

Matchbox 20
Abra Moore
Cowboy Mouth
Artificial Joy Club
The Old ’97’s

August 27, 1997

Artficial Joy Club Dates

Artificial Joy Club

Artificial Joy Club Dates for September & October

September 2/97 – Tallahassee, FL – Floyd’s Music Store
September 3/97 – Birmingham, AL – Nick
September 4/97 – Nashville, TN – 527 Mainstreet
September 5/97 – St. Louis, MO – The Side Door
September 6/97 – Omaha, NE – KDGE Radio Festival Westfair Amphitheatre
September 7/97 – Tulsa, OK – Mohawk Park – KMYZ The Edge Festival
September 11/97 – Fresno, CA – KFRR Radio Festival – Paul Paul Theatre
September 12/97 – Sacramento, CA – Hard Rock CafĂ©
September 14/97 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill
September 16/97 – Reno, NV – Little Waldorf
September 19/97 – Tucson, AZ – Club Congress KFMA Radio Show
September 20/97 – Phoenix, AZ – KEDJ Festival – Peoria Sports Complex
September 22/97 – San Jose, CA – Cactus Club
September 24/97 – Portland, OR – EJ’s
September 25/97 – Seattle, WA – Colourbox
September 26/97 – Vancouver, BC – Richard’s
September 27/97 – Victoria, BC – The Limit
September 29/97 – Edmonton, AB – The Rev
September 30/97 – Calgary, AB – The Republik
October 1/97 – Saskatoon, SK – Louis’ Pub
October 2/97 – Winnipeg, MB – The Pyramid

August 24, 1997

Witchita to Dallas

Hi everyone, things are going great on our tour. We’re just driving from Witchita, Kansas now to Dallas, Texas. We had a great gig in Witchita, there was over 10,000 people out for the first day of the OZ fest which we were headlining, we had a great time.

Thanks to everyone for e-mailing me on the road, sorry if I haven’t answered you back yet, but I will try and keep up.

August 8, 1997

AJC in Minneapolis

We had a great time at the Double Door show last night. It’s great having a sold-out show and great to meet all the people who came out. It was nice to get our gear back too, since it was “lost/delayed” during shipping after our NYC gig.

Hopefully we’ll be back soon.

Just got to the hotel in Chicago for some relaxation time and then off to the gig.

July 24, 1997

Artificial Joy Club – August Tour Dates

Artificial Joy Club

Artificial Joy Club Tour Dates for August are the following:

July 29/97 – New York, NY
August 1/97 – Eugene, OR
August 2/97 – Boise, ID
August 3/97 – Portland, OR
August 6/97 – Minneapolis, MN
August 7/97 – Chicago, IL
August 8/97 – Fort Wayne, IN
August 9/97 – Indianapolis, IN
August 10/97 – Iowa City, IA
August 12/97 – Denver, CO
August 13/97 – Salt Lake City, UT
August 15/97 – Los Angeles, CA
August 16/97 – Santa Barbara, CA
August 18/97 – San Diego, CA
August 22/97 – Wichita, KS
August 23/97 – Dallas, TX
August 26/97 – Oklahoma City, OK
August 27/97 – Odessa, TX
August 28/97 – Austin, TX
August 29/97 – Kansas City, MO
August 30/97 – Houston, TX
August 31/97 – New Orleans, LA

June 24, 1997

Artificial Joy Club Web Site

Artificial Joy ClubThe Artificial Joy Club web site is now up. It is still undergoing some small changes and fixes but it’s finally up for all of you who have been looking for more info and stuff. The band e-mail address is we can’t promise you’ll get a reply but we do read all the e-mail.

We are doing the first three weeks of the Lollapalooza tour starting in Atlanta on June 27th, hope to see you there.