April 23, 2013

Cherry Suede “Between Here and There” Now Available on iTunes

Cherry Suede - Between Here and There CD CoverThe latest Cherry Suede CD “Between Here and There” is now available on iTunes.

The Track listing is:

  1. Saturday Night
  2. I’ll Be Waiting
  3. One More Night
  4. Worth the Wait
  5. Little Things
  6. Life in a Day
  7. After the Rain (10.29.12)
  8. Can’t Help Loving You
  9. Never Gonna Let You Go
  10. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
  11. So Lonely
  12. Don’t Walk Away


February 17, 2013

Robert Farrell Band EP Now Available on iTunes

The latest Robert Farrell Band EP is now available on iTunes. The EP features four band songs and one guitar instrumental. RFB was also in the studio this past weekend working on another EP for release in the next few months.

Robert Farrell Band – EP

  1. Feel So Low
  2. Gotacha
  3. Keep On Rockin’
  4. Leaving Mind Blues
  5. Untitled 1

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October 31, 2012

Latest Steve Gardiner Album – Now Available

Steve Gardiner - Absence Makes The Heart Beat FasterThe latest Steve Gardiner band release, “Absence Makes The Heart Beat Faster” is now available on iTunes and CD Baby. Previews are available on the audio page.

“Absence Makes The Heart Beat Faster” is Steve’s long awaited and much anticipated third solo recording featuring the single “Hyperactive” and 11 brand new rock tracks that will be sure to move you out of your seat!! Canadian rock music at it’s finest!

Track Listing

  1. Addicted
  2. Hyperactive
  3. Your Energy
  4. Super Falling Star
  5. Paralyzed By Your Own Light
  6. Evaporate
  7. Break
  8. Soul Searching
  9. Rush Hour
  10. United We Get Down
  11. Space Junk Suicide
  12. Under Water
  13. Hyperactive (Club Mix)
  14. Your Energy (Club Mix)

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