July 31, 2020

“Children of the Sea” Black Sabbath Drum Video

Collaboration cover with musicians from Russia, Germany and Mexico. See the full band video at https://youtu.be/4gyqbSkeuMM

  • Cheves Miranda: (Vocals) Mexico
  • Andrew Lamarche: (Drums) Canada
  • Alf Schumacher: (Keyboard) Germany
  • Igor: (Guitar & Produced Video) Russia
  • Sergey: (Bass & Produced Audio) Russia

Using Pearl Reference White-on-White Redline Drums – 24″ Kick, 13″ Rack Tom, 16″ & 18″ Floor Toms with a Pearl ESensitone Beaded Brass Patina Finish Snare (STA1465FB). All Sabian Cymbals, with Cympads, Los Cabos 5B Intense Drumsticks, Remo Drum Heads, Sledgepad and Drumtacs.

June 24, 2020

Robert Palmer “She Makes My Day” Cover Video

Collaboration cover of Robert Palmer’s “She Makes My Day” video with musicians from USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia, Brazil and Russia.

Don Corthier: (Vocals) USA
Rino Sinobad: (Backing vocals) Bosnia and Herzegovina
Andrew Lamarche: (Drums) Canada
Gary Badger: (Trumpet) Australia
Eder Maximiano: (Keyboards) Brazil
Igor: (Guitar, keyboards, video) Russia
Sergey: (Bass, audio, video) Russia

March 31, 2020

“Cold Cold Heaven” Robert Farrell Band Drum Video

Simple straight-ahead 16th note hi-hat and 4 on the floor groove for this song. We recorded this in August 2018 at Audio Valley Studio in Ottawa, Canada.

Robert Farrell – Guitar and Vocals
Stephen Clarke – Bass

Tracks recorded at Audio Valley Recording Studios by Steve Foley
Written by Dick Cooper, Robert Farrell, Andrew Lamarche and Stephen Clarke

On YouTube

Download “Cold Cold Heaven” on Bandcamp