May 28, 1997

Web Site Update & News

I just finished redoing and updating this web site, I don’t really have much time to screw around with it so there will be small changes when I see stuff that bugs me.

If you’ve been here before you will notice that the you see Artificial Joy Club everywhere, that’s what we changed our name to for the new album. I’ll keep the Sal’s Birdland stuff up for a while but I doubt I’ll be changing or updating any of it anymore.

The new Artificial Joy Club album comes out around June 30th in North America, the first single “Sick & Beautiful” gets released on June 3rd. We still have to do the video for it, so I’m sure we’re going to end up doing it really soon (next week!). So you will hopefully be hearing it on the radio wherever you are, and when we finish the video–on TV. The album is titled “melt” and it’s on Interscope Records.



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