January 21, 2005

New Pearl Reference Series Drums

Pearl Drums has just introduced their new line of Reference Series drums.

“Reference Series drums use a combination of task specific bearing edges and 3 time proven woods, Birch, Maple, and African Mahogany. Using Maple as a sole material has long been the traditional choice for shells and for good reason. Maple provides smooth, well balanced tone that is perfect for a 12″ tom. Subsequently, all Reference Series 12″ toms are composed of 6 plies of Maple. The only single wood shell in the series. Our 10″ and 8″ toms receive 4 plies of Maple with 2 inner plies of Birch for cut and attack. And for maximum response, all 13″ and smaller toms have a rounded 45° bearing edge.”

See the Reference Series online at the Pearl Web site.

January 3, 2002

New Year Update

The new year has started, there have been many ups and downs in the last few months, hopefully this will be the start of a good year.

Lots of THERMOclinE stuff coming up in the next week and a bit, lots of TV stuff. Have a look at the live dates page for updated events. We have already started working on new songs for a new CD that we’ll hopefully be doing soon. My long time friend Jay Ruston has stepped in to play bass for us, and it’s been great. I have worked with Jay producing in the studio so many times, but it’s cool to play with him now (Jay co-produced the last THERMOclinE record).

I am now using Pearl Drums, I just got a beautiful Masters Studio BRX (Birch) kit and a few new snare drums, everything is cool, very well built and great sounding drums. Check my gear page for what I’m using (I haven’t updated the graphic yet!). I should have some photos soon.
Charley Beck Band

Other shows coming up this month is the Charley Beck (AKA: Sarah Sedgman) CD Release Party at Barrymore’s in Ottawa on January 25th.