March 2, 2022

“Crossfire” Stevie Ray Vaughan Drum Cover

Drum cover of “Crossfire” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble from the In Step album.

Drum Gear:

Pearl Reference Pure Series Drums Matte Black Mist

  • 22”x18” Kick
  • 12”x8” Rack Tom
  • 14”x14” Floor Tom
  • 16”x16” Floor Tom
  • 14”x5” Hybrid Exotic Vector Cast Snare Drum

Sabian Cymbals

  • 15″ HHX Complex Medium Hats
  • 17″ FRX Crash
  • 21″ HHX Complex Medium Ride
  • 18″ FRX Crash
  • 18″ AAX O-Zone Crash

Los Cabos 5B Intense Drumsticks
Remo Drum Heads

Recorded on Presonus Studio One with Sennheiser, EV and Audio Technica mics and Ultimate Support mic stands.