June 18, 1997

Artificial Joy Club Update

meltcoversmSoon, hopefully in the next week, I will have a link to the Artificial Joy Club web site once I get everything under control. I’ve been getting more e-mail from people hearing the song on the radio all over the place. If you could let me know where you’re from and what radio station you’ve been hearing us on that would be great.

Once the AJC site is up it has most of the info that people have been asking about, so you should be able to find out what you need to know.

“Sick and Beautiful” is also doing great on the radio and once the video starts getting airplay it should get stronger. The official release date for the album (“melt”) is July 1st, so it should be on the shelves in the stores by later that week.

Artificial Joy Club Promo Pic 1997

June 10, 1997

Artificial Joy Club “Sick and Beautiful” Video

We’re in L.A. right now working on our video for “Sick and Beautiful”. We will be shooting for the next couple of days. The only thing different with the song is that it’s an edited version so it’s a bit shorter, just under four minutes long.

“Sick and Beautiful” was the number one added song in the US last week on radio. For the first single by a new band it’s something that very rarely happens.

The video should be finished production in about two weeks, then it will be delivered to all the outlets that will play it. I’ve been also getting a lot of e-mail from DJ’s all over the states letting us know that they are playing the single and wondering when we’ll be on tour.

We are currently planning some tour dates right now, mostly radio station festivals throughout the summer. The only gig that I’m aware of right now is somewhere outside Toronto on June 22nd. When I get the full details I’ll post them. As for the rest of the tour dates, once we get an Artificial Joy Club site happening, we’ll post them there.

May 28, 1997

Web Site Update & News

I just finished redoing and updating this web site, I don’t really have much time to screw around with it so there will be small changes when I see stuff that bugs me.

If you’ve been here before you will notice that the you see Artificial Joy Club everywhere, that’s what we changed our name to for the new album. I’ll keep the Sal’s Birdland stuff up for a while but I doubt I’ll be changing or updating any of it anymore.

The new Artificial Joy Club album comes out around June 30th in North America, the first single “Sick & Beautiful” gets released on June 3rd. We still have to do the video for it, so I’m sure we’re going to end up doing it really soon (next week!). So you will hopefully be hearing it on the radio wherever you are, and when we finish the video–on TV. The album is titled “melt” and it’s on Interscope Records.