February 23, 2003


I’ve been busy doing various sessions and live gigs the last few months, I never seem to have enough time to keep the news section of the site up to date. Here’s my attempt at summarizing what I have been up to.

Since my last update in mid-November I have done some one-off dates with the amazing Carole Pope and a boxing day gig with funky/hip-hop band Cosmic Juice, featuring my old band mate Mike Goyette from Artificial Joy Club. Other dates with Charley Beck, Robert Farrell, J.J. Antrobus and lots of dates with The Long Goners.

I will be doing two shows next week with Robert Farrell and Charley Beck as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto, see the live dates page for details.

Also in November I did some tracking at Dennis Cameron’s studio, DRC Music, outside Ottawa. I also tracked some tunes with a band called Unknown earlier this month at Distortion Studios.

I am also working on a new studio project right now that we are keeping quiet until we get some of the tunes recorded. We’ve been doing pre-production and hope to record in the next month or two.

As far as drum gear goes, I just got one of the Pearl Eric Singer Signature Snare Drums, it’s 10-ply maple shell, and it’s the only snare drum I have been using since I got it. It has a nice warm and rich tone. I also added an 18″x22″ Pearl Masters Studio BRX kick drum to my collection. I wanted to have the option of using different kick drums in different situations.

I have finally added lots of 30-second MP3’s of various recordings I have done with different bands and artists to the audio page. I still have more to out up, but there are quite a few now to keep you busy for a while if you want to check them out.

A few more video clips have been added as well, and more are on the way when I have some time.

Also new on the web site is the Mailing List. If you want to receive occasional e-mail updates about upcoming live dates, please sign-up.

November 17, 2002


Just added a few more videos to the video page finally! I still have a few more to add in the next little while.

Also another new track from Robert Farrell‘s upcoming CD is on my MP3.com Station page. Robert also has a best of CD coming out as well as the full length CD Sunhouse Fury.

I’ve been doing various sessions and lots of gigs with The Long Goners in the last little while.

I have also been tying out a new product called H3 DrumStick Wax. I have to say it’s an excellent product, it improves your grip on the sticks, so it allows you to play a bit more relaxed without having to worry about your sticks starting to slip.

July 14, 2002

Summer Update

It’s turning out to be a bit of a slow summer for gigs, but with my downtime I am just relaxing and trying to practice a bit more. I have added some more photos to the site and added a new Robert Farrell track, “Jolee”, on my MP3.com Station page. The Robert Farrell Band also performed this song on Canada AM back at the end of May.

The new THERMOclinE EP was just mixed in North Hollywood, CA by our producer/5th member of the band, Jay Ruston. It’s four tracks with the current line-up. I am working on the artwork for the disc right now, but we are still trying to finalize the title. Sample tracks will be posted on the THERMOsite soon.

I did about ten tracks on American artist Sonni Haskill’s new CD with producer Steve Gould. He flew up to Canada and we did the tracks at a studio in Franktown, just outside Ottawa.

And in the last week I got to see quite a few of my favorite drummers. I saw my buddy Randy Cooke with Long John Baldry, Kenny Aronoff with Melissa Etheridge and a clinic by Dave Weckl. These guys are all different, but they are so inspiring to watch.

April 3, 2002

April Update

You can see the entire THERMOclinE show in March from Cafe Dekcuf at LiveandDirect.ca. Click here to see it (Windows Media Player).

Robert Farrell also just won two awards for “MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR” and “MALE ROCK ARTIST OF THE YEAR” at the NAR (New Artist Radio) Awards in Park City, Utah. They also have video of The Robert Farrell Band (Windows Media Player).

November 4, 2001

November Update

Just completed recording for Sarah Sedgman‘s upcoming album. Look for a CD release party in January 2002.

I also was in the studio with Robert Farrell, tracking some music for a instructional video for a sports product.

The Artificial Joy Club web site is back up, thanks to Craig Schock who has been looking after the server where it’s hosted. I still get quite a bit of e-mail about Artificial Joy Club. The site doesn’t have anything new on it, it’s just up for all the fans who are looking for it.

I have been using the Pearl Rythm Traveler Kit for The Long Goners gigs and some rehearsals. It’s very cool and it’s really portable. It is quite good sounding as well, for the size of the drums, they are very punchy and have good attack. I’m hoping to try it out in the studio some time soon.

June 2, 2001

June Update

One of the tracks I recorded with Robert Farrell, “Hug Me, Squeeze Me,” is up to number 23 today (in between Linkin Park and Faith Hill) on the MP3.com top 40 chart. You can download some of Robert’s music at MP3.com or check out my MP3.com station that has downloads of artists that I have played with.

A few gigs coming up this week, Wednesday is The Long Goners, a cover band that I have been playing with for the last few weeks, I still tell them I’m filling in, but I think I’m their drummer now. The Long Goners play drinkin’ music, some rock, celtic and a few surprises that I won’t tell you about. Aaron Saloman‘s CD release party is on Thursday at Climax (the old Molly McGuire’s) with opening act Sarah Sedgman (doing an acoustic set). Friday is Robert Farrell at the Whipping Post and Saturday is THERMOclinE at the CHEO BBQ with a few other great bands. Check my gigs page for other upcoming dates.

On the gear side of things, I have started using the new Sabian HHX 14″ Power Hi-hats and the 20″ Power Ride, they sound great, I can’t say enough good things about them. See my gear page for my current cymbal set-up.

October 14, 2000

October Update

I’ve been a bit slow doing an update the last little while but finally here is what I’ve been up to. We shot a THERMOclinE video a few weeks ago in Toronto for “Vacant Lot”, we should be seeing a final cut in a week or so and then hopefully get it out. Of course I will have a link up to it when it is released so you can see it. There are a few photos from the video shoot up on the THERMO site. THERMO has some upcoming dates in Toronto and Southern Ontario in the next few months.

The Tammy Raybould band has been on a bit of a break from live shows lately, but Tammy is constantly doing solo dates. We have also been working on some of Tammy’s new songs over the last few weeks. Our next Ottawa date was supposed to be Barrymore’s on Nov. 3 has moved to Zaphod’s II on Dec. 8th. We will also be doing some dates in upper NY state in November.

I have also been in the studio recording a few more songs with Robert Farrell and some stuff with Sarah Sedgman.

kiss-vipI went to see KISS at the Corel Centre in Ottawa in September, it was the best show I have seen in a long time, and probably the best KISS show I have seen (I’ve seen them about 5 times over the years). Here’s a scan of the VIP pass I had.

And finally I have also registered andrewlamarche.net so you can get to the site through either the .net or .com address. I Have also moved the site to a new server, so far everything seems to be working fine. Let me know if anything seems wacky.

December 23, 1999

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Here is a link to an article about Tammy Raybould‘s video shoot we did this past week.

“Raybould fans give a little extra”
The Ottawa Citizen

You can also now hear some songs that I recorded with Robert Farrell this past summer at the Tragically Hip’s studio, The Bathhouse. The songs feature Robert on vocals and lead guitar, Jon Park-Wheeler on guitar, Andrew Affleck on bass and me playing drums. Robert has three songs up at MP3.com; www.mp3.com/robertfarrell.