October 28, 2014

“Addicted” Steve Gardiner Band Drum Video

“Addicted” drum video from the Steve Gardiner Band album “Absence Makes the Heart Beat Faster” that Andrew played drums on – available on iTunes.

Drums recorded on Presonus Studio One with Sennheiser and Audio Technica mics and Ultimate Support mic stands.

Using Pearl Reference Pure Drums – 24″ Kick, 13″ Rack Tom, 16″ & 18″ Floor Toms with a Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature Snare. All Sabian Cymbals, with Cympads. Los Cabos 5B Intense Drumsticks, Remo Heads and Drumtacs.

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April 9, 2014

“Soul Searching” Drum Video

Drum video of “Soul Searching” from the Steve Gardiner Album “Absence Makes the Heart Beat Faster”, available on iTunes.

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March 5, 2013

Steve Gardiner Band at Babylon (Ottawa, ON) March 7/13

Steve Gardiner - Absence Makes The Heart Beat FasterThe Steve Gardiner Band will be performing at Babylon in Ottawa, ON on Thursday, March 7, 2013.


Steve Gardiner Band
Sweet Alps – 9:15 pm – 9:45 pm
Steve Gardiner – 10:00 pm – 10:45 pm
Animal Confession – 11:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Legion of Saints – 12:00 am – 1:00 am
317 Bank St
Ottawa, ON


December 10, 2012

Absence makes the heart beat faster for Kanata musician

From: www.yourottawaregion.com
By: Jessica Cunha | Dec 08, 2012 – 10:00 AM

Steve Gardiner releases first album in eight years

Steve Gardiner

Absence Makes the Heart Beat Faster is a fitting title for Steve Gardiner’s first album in nearly a decade.

The Ottawa musician is releasing his third full-length solo album after an eight-year hiatus. The record features 12 rock tracks with two bonus club mixes thrown in for good measure.

“I’m just so excited about it; it’s been a while since my last release,” said Gardiner. “There was a big stretch where I didn’t put anything out … I went through a lot of personal changes in those years.

“I had done so much for so long … I just kind of stopped doing it for awhile.”

Gardiner, who was a member of the bands In and Out and Thermocline, started tinkering around at his home recording studio again after helping another Ottawa band with a demo.

“Like any musician, it flows through your blood,” he said. “I kind of really got back into it again … I started writing some songs and it just started taking shape.”

Gardiner spent the next two and a half years writing, recording and producing the tracks with his band – which includes Andrew Lamarche on drums, Dan Joseph on bass and Brent Miller on guitar.

“It’s the first one I’ve done myself,” said Gardiner. “I ran the show. The only thing I didn’t do was mix and master it.”

Working without a record label allowed Gardiner to spend time on each track.

“I’ve been out (of the music scene) for so long; when this comes out it has to be great,” he said about his third album. “We did it on our own time; we did it the way we wanted it to sound.”

Absence Makes the Heart Beat Faster is available online through iTunes and cdbaby.com.


Gardiner said he and the band are rehearsing now for live shows in the new year, including an official launch for the record in February.

“I really believe it’s the best album I’ve done so far,” said Gardiner. “I really want to get out there a promote it.”

He added the band is planning to play as many festivals as possible over the summer.

“I’ll play somebody’s basement if I have to, just to go out and promote the album,” he said.

Hyperactive, the first single released from the album, is about Gardiner’s re-discovery of himself.

“I just kind of felt that it was a heavy enough song; after not doing a record in so long you kind of define what your sound is and where it’s going,” said Gardiner.

Although he enjoys some pop music himself, with so much of it saturating the market Gardiner said it’s an interesting time for rock musicians.

“You kind of go, where does rock sit right now?” he said. “I think there’s a hole right now. Pop is really big but for those hardcore rock lovers, if they want to check out something new and Canadian, I would encourage them to check (the new album) out.”

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October 31, 2012

Latest Steve Gardiner Album – Now Available

Steve Gardiner - Absence Makes The Heart Beat FasterThe latest Steve Gardiner band release, “Absence Makes The Heart Beat Faster” is now available on iTunes and CD Baby. Previews are available on the audio page.

“Absence Makes The Heart Beat Faster” is Steve’s long awaited and much anticipated third solo recording featuring the single “Hyperactive” and 11 brand new rock tracks that will be sure to move you out of your seat!! Canadian rock music at it’s finest!

Track Listing

  1. Addicted
  2. Hyperactive
  3. Your Energy
  4. Super Falling Star
  5. Paralyzed By Your Own Light
  6. Evaporate
  7. Break
  8. Soul Searching
  9. Rush Hour
  10. United We Get Down
  11. Space Junk Suicide
  12. Under Water
  13. Hyperactive (Club Mix)
  14. Your Energy (Club Mix)

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August 24, 2009

Steve Gardiner Band Ottawa Pride Show

Steve Gardiner Live 2009-08-30The Steve Gardiner Band will be playing at the Ottawa Pride Parade After Party at Ottawa City Hall on Sunday, August 30.


Steve Gardiner
with Casey Hanson, Stephen Clarke & Andrew Lamarche
Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 8:30 PM
Pride Parade After Party
Ottawa City Hall
Ottawa, ON

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